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HughesNet Gen5

It's here! The new HughesNet Gen5 bringing you breakthrough technology for faster speeds. You get built in WiFi and more data so you can have more fun. With downloads of 25Mbps on every plan, you can get everything done - fast!

See What's New in HughesNet Gen 5

Connect more with your friends and family on social media. Share pictures and video. Homework is done in a flash with fast downloads. Work from home. Do your banking online. Keep up with the latest news, weather, and sports! And don't forget online shopping! HughesNet Gen5 makes it easy and enjoyable.


Choose your Plan

Choose one of four new service plans to fit your needs. HughesNet offers plans from 10GB to 50GB of monthly data. All plans include built-in Wi-Fi, Video Data Saver and Bonus Zone (2am-8am). Bonus Zone gives you free downloads that don't use your data. You can use that for system updates, large files and more! There are no hard data limits with HughesNet so you never lose your connection.

" HughesNet 4 is now HughesNet 5 "


Available Anywhere you live.

HughesNet Gen5 is available anywhere you live. Whether you live in town, in the country, mountain, or valley - all you need is a clear view of the southern sky. No cable man or phone line required. Free installation in up to six rooms of your home is just a phone call away!

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